I’ve been give a Chinese name which happens to sound like my American given name (Wesley).

Is there a way to have it appear here only instead of “WGroleau” without using a separate SE account?

And if so, would doing so give the (erroneous) impression that I am something more than a newbie?

For what it’s worth, “伟思礼” was suggested by someone raised in Beijing.

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Yes, you can change your display name for this site one. Edit the profile and choose "save changes just for this community".

The username field supports all of Unicode; only some non-text characters are forbidden.

What impression people will get is anyone's guess. I think most don't judge a user by their username.

  • First time to know this functionality. But it seems like different community of stackexchange have different allowed character sets. Commented Nov 27, 2018 at 7:40

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