I have a question about my Chinese Language Stack Exchange post: Is there any tool to help learn Chinese with Youtube Chinese songs and Netflix movies?

Hi, My name is Diep, I'm here to contribute to the Chinese Language Stack Exchange. I'm here also to learn from Chinese experts. I read several thoughtful answers and I greatly respect your work. I did read through the Help Center to avoid spamming or annoying other users. However, I may misunderstand something and unintentionally violate the group's rules. I just want to make clear that I don't mean to spam the community.

What I need help is this: I'm a Chinese learner, looking for a tool to learn Chinese via movies & videos. I have come up with an idea of creating a tool to meet my needs, and hopefully other learners as well. I came here to ask if there's any existing tool like that. I haven't got a product relating to Chinese language yet to promote. All I got is just an idea and some first lines of code. Your support may save me from doing a worthless project.

I did talk about my idea in 1 or 2 groups. Nevertheless, I lack ideas from a Chinese expert like some of you in this forum. I hope you may help advise me where I can seek support.

Again, I'm sorry if I worried you.


Short answer: Asking for resources is just off-topic here. We even have an explicit close option for it.

Questions asking for learning resources are off-topic as they can become quickly obsolete and are difficult to maintain. We do maintain a list of generally-useful resources for learning Mandarin that you might find helpful.

Your question seems vague to me. So what kind of answer are you expecting? Something like Yes there're some tools, you should stop making your own tool, or No there're no such tools, please go and make your own tool! ? Either sounds useless to other users; Chinease Language SE is supposed to focus on learning Chinese language itself, not the stuffs about making tools.

As you said, you've checked the list of resources for learning Mandarin and can't find any, then it implies most of the people here don't know about such tools, this might help you to make your decision. If you still want opinions about making tools, you might try to find if there're ohter sites focusing on making tools, your question might be on-topic there.

BTW I suggest you removing the link to your own tool to avoid suspicion of spam. The link itself is irrelevant to the question; removing it won't affect its intent at all.

Also see What topics can I ask about here?

  • Hi, thank you for your answer. – Diep Bui Apr 4 '19 at 3:06

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