I created this Meta question so we can discuss something about it.

I am sure more people will start contributing but I was wondering: should we include only free material (regardless of registrations) or also material that needs to be purchased?

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I don't think I would delete an answer by someone selling their software, but I might downvote it in some situations.

I think paid material can be a helpful answer, as long as it's clearly described so that people can decide whether they want to pay for it.

If someone asked for a specific tool like something that teaches stroke order using musical notes, then I would welcome anyone who is selling such a tool to post an answer. (I made that up, by the way. I have no idea if such a thing exists or would be useful.)

On the other hand, if someone asks for something more general like flashcard software, then I'd probably downvote an answer that was just a link to some paid software with no description of its advantages over the free options.

Of course, I might delete the post for other reasons. If the person posts links to their software when it's irrelevant to the question, then that smells like spam to me.

  • Your answer well replies to a common question, but I was asking for the CW I created... :D – Alenanno Feb 5 '12 at 18:09

Both free and commercial material

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Only free material

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Commercial material is now allowed. Please make sure you remember the rules about self-promotion.

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