It looks like is almost the same as .

Question: Should and be synonym-ized?

The tag has 19 questions:

  1. What are some backgrounds and references to obsolete simplified Chinese characters?
  2. Is there an official stroke order for each character?
  3. Deeper meaning of 爲 (beyond one sentence definitions)
  4. Has there ever been an English translation of 《輶軒》"Fangyan"?
  5. Mandarin in Hunan Province
  6. Where can I find 下江人's article《释四川话 (二)》from《旅行杂志》1945/7/18?
  7. What does 論 mean in 時情天意枉論量?
  8. Reference: 'hou' in Sichuanese meaning 'to eat'
  9. Dictionary for Vietnamese to Chinese characters
  10. Two-character homonyms with same meaning
  11. 新华字典 as CSV download available?
  12. Analog of Hong Kong grade level for Chinese characters?
  13. Semantic radical and dictionary header for 将
  14. Translations from TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine)
  15. Taiwanese Mandarin vs Mainland Mandarin
  16. Are there any style guides for Chinese?
  17. Resources for learning classical Chinese
  18. Are children's books a good starting place for beginners?
  19. Are there standard dictionaries for Chinese?

In this case, I think is a useful synonym of . I can't (currently) suggest the synonym, however:

Creating a tag synonym requires 5 score in this tag.

  • I agree........ – user4072 Nov 11 '19 at 2:37

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