The Community♦ user on some localized sites has its name changed. From what I understand, it's next-to-trivial to implement (as simple as changing a username). So...

Question: What's a suitable Chinese name for Community♦?

I'm not 100% sure it'd be okay here (the other sites where Community's name has changed are wholly localized, e.g. it's Дух сообщества♦ at Русский язык, but it's still Community♦ on Russian.SE). However, it'll be easier to discuss whether or not it's possible, if we have a concrete suggestion.

I believe the only restriction is that it has to be 3 or more characters.

Usernames starting with Chinese characters are hard to @-ping, but this is not relevant for a bot.

Relevant meta.SE threads are Rename the Community user on localized sites and Localize the username of the Community user on rus.SE and ja.SO.

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  • I guess; what does "Community" even mean in this instance? – Mo. Jan 24 at 11:47
  • I guess it's named Community because what it does is mostly prompted by the community, e.g., auto-deletion as a result of community voting/closing. – Becky 李蓓 Jan 24 at 11:52

社群 might be an option.


community / social grouping

I'm not sure that such an ambiguous name would work in Chinese. Something like 版主 would be much clearer.

I'd even opt for:


a mash up of "stack" (堆), i.e.: stack overflow & mod (主), i.e.: moderator. Similarly:


could also work.

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  • I think it needs to be 3 or more characters; maybe we need to combine these (社群版主 (?)). And I guess we also need to be careful with traditional vs. simplified. – Becky 李蓓 Jan 24 at 12:05
  • We could maybe add 机 on the end to imply it's a bot? – Mo. Jan 24 at 12:06
  • It seems 社群机器人 might be possible... I'm a bit concerned about traditional/simplified, so maybe "Community 社群" is possible. hmmm [I guess it'd be good to go with something safe, like "Community 社群".] – Becky 李蓓 Jan 26 at 4:05

for the “community bot”, i would suggest “叩鐘掾”.

in which, “叩鐘” is derived from the book of rites, chapter education (禮記 學記)


to skilfully (善) treat (待 —-> 對待) an asker (問者)


is like (如) striking (撞) a bell (鐘)


strike it gently, the bell sounds softly


strike it forcefully, the bell sounds loudly

then, “掾” is assistant to an official.

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