I intend for this to be a "sandbox" or "review space" to keep track of Chinese terms we might consider proposing to add to CC-CEDICT. My frequent thought process:

  • That's not in CC-CEDICT; maybe we should add it.
  • I'll first have to think carefully about that, but I don't have time right now.
  • A while later... what was that word again?

Also, sometimes it's best not to add a definition, as I found out here: Are "gratitude" and "appreciation" suitable CC-CEDICT definitions for 感激之心? In future, it'd be nice to know this before posting the question.

Also, I'd be perfectly happy for others to ask questions from what arises.

In my case, my teacher often suggests words to improve my writing. But I usually don't have time right then to write up a full question with the appropriate research.



  1. 合辙押韵

  2. 一丝不乱

  3. 白费力气

  4. 此情不渝

  5. 思绪万千

  6. 出离愤怒

  7. 蛇入鼠出

  8. 临危不乱

  9. 哈欠连天

  10. 心痒难揉

  11. 谈婚论嫁

  12. 着急忙慌

  13. 欲哭无泪

  14. 较为密切

  15. 东瞧西瞅 from The meaning of 东瞧西瞅?

  16. 不远万里 (found on prior HSK6 exam)

  17. 不辱使命 (found on prior HSK6 exam)

  18. 患难与共 (found on prior HSK6 exam)

  19. 说到

  20. 坏意

  21. 难有

  22. 极坏

  23. 猛地一惊

  24. 另有其人

  25. 一扭 and 一扭一扭

  26. 了猫 = 乐猫 = "lmao"

  27. 微怒 It's in the book 喜欢你,我也是 and says 她微怒地扭头...

  28. 雷劈

  29. 伪称

  30. 差一错误

  31. 分润 from What is equivalent of "分润"?

  32. 剪贴 (different from 剪贴板)


  1. seems to have more definitions than just "comb" and "to comb".

  2. 出息 definition seems incomplete.

  3. 喜悦 is also a noun with measure word 份, e.g. 一份喜悦

  4. 痒 is also a noun with measure word 顿, e.g. 一顿痒

  5. 废掉 also means something like "give up on life"

  6. 但凡 also means "In any case" (I think)

  7. 讲究 seems to also be a noun, e.g., 四个讲究.

  8. 材料 also means "ingredients" (I think), as in cooking.


  1. 各司其职: What's a suitable CC-EDICT definition for 各司其职?

  2. 女娲补天: What is the significance of 女娲补天 beyond its literal meaning "Nüwa mends the sky"?

  3. 金口难开: Is 金口难开 an idiom, and if so what would be a suitable CC-CEDICT definition?

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