The tag (with 28 Q's) is one of those meta tags which are generally discouraged; see: The Death of Meta Tags. If the question is well-formed this tag shouldn't be needed.

I plan to burninate it (i.e., edit it out of the questions that contain it). Along the way, I'll likely make other edits.

I thought I should mention this in case there's anything else that needs saying.

I just noticed, I can't completely get rid myself of it because one question is locked: How to practice reading for beginners?

I've noticed there's also and which should be burninated for the same reason. At this point there's 3 questions left:

  1. What is important to consider while building an adverbial phrase?

  2. What are some well-known, online news sources that are worthy of language study?

  3. Where to start/continue my learning?

which would be nice to close before retagging (but haven't quite got there yet).


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are now burninated. Obligatory image:

There's still that one [beginner] question left which is "locked" and I can't edit. I can't even flag it. That tag's gone now, so the tag has been burninated. Likewise has been burninated.

One question still has the tag: Where to start/continue my learning? It needs just one more close vote: in my opinion, it's very much an "advice" question. I diamond-hammer closed this one: it was on 4 close votes (although one was pre-diamond mine). I'm confident vague "what should I do?" study-advice questions are off-topic for both "Needs more focus" (what's your specific question?) and "Opinion-based". (At Islam.SE, we had similar questions "I'm a Muslim with a problem; what should I do?"; this is the equivalent "I'm a Chinese student with a problem; what should I do?")

Anyway, it's done.

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