last week, i visited the site and found that there're 203 tags. to select an appropriate one amongst these options is stressful, imo.

so, can we streamline these tags into a healthier grid?

my first suggestion is:

have a new tag ”tech” for computer / tablet / phone, operation systems, apps, encoding / fonts / unicode related question, replacing the following tags:

  • software (36)
  • fonts (31)
  • ime (30)
  • technology (18)
  • websites (17)
  • input-methods (10)
  • technical (10)
  • multimedia (9)
  • cc-cedict (7)
  • online (5)
  • ocr (1)

open for discussion :)


My opinion: Yes, tags really need to be streamlined! However, users are not going to naturally think of the word "tech" when they're asking questions about IME, fonts, etc.

If a question is poorly tagged, there are often additional issues like poor titles, spelling and grammar errors, or it being off-topic yet not (yet) closed. So they're often best off being individually edited (gradually [maybe 3-4 at a time] so as to not flood the front page), rather than bulk retag.

Going through these tags, these are my thoughts:

The main challenge, I feel, is maintaining them. It's not that difficult to change the tags so that they're correct momentarily, but ensuring they stay that way long-term is not easy.

In general, I encourage users to be active with retagging, editing, and curation in general: If we make a mistake, it can be quickly fixed (there's lots of eyes). If we leave the site neglected over time, it's a lot harder to fix.

  • I'm especially in favor of a [technical] tag to catch questions about terminology that belongs to specialized domains. It probably warrants its own meta post – blackgreen Jul 15 '20 at 19:47

my second suggestion is:

delete tags with 1, or 0 question tagged, such as:

  • ocr (1)
  • onomatopoeia (1)
  • quantifiers (1)
  • qing (1)
  • 的 (1)
  • beijing-dialect (1)
  • riddle (1)
  • linguistics (1)
  • beginner (1)
  • character (0)
  • charcter (0)
  • dialect (0)
  • hanoi (0)
  • kanji (0)
  • language-learning (0)
  • net-slang (0)
  • 成語 (0)

sound reasonable?

  • The 0 Qs tags are synonyms (or will go away automatically). [ocr] and [beginner] should already be gone. At Japanese.SE, they use e.g. particle-の instead of, say, [particles] or [的]. I think it's a better system, and I've been thinking about suggesting it here (although there's some issues about simplified vs. traditional). – Becky 李蓓 Jul 15 '20 at 10:14
  • One other thing I should point out: single-use tags autodelete (unless they have a tag wiki). If nothing changes, then [onomatopoeia], [quantifiers], [的], and [riddle] will autodelete. – Becky 李蓓 Jul 15 '20 at 23:36

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