Using this Data Explorer query, I searched for comments that contain the string close on questions. I went through them manually, and took a snippet from each relevant comment.

This is just a reference post (in the same spirit of July 2020: survey of the on/off-topic posts on Chinese.SE meta as part of Streamlining question closure: approximate roadmap).


  1. I think there's an underlying on-topic-ness principle here: the reader can learn something about the Chinese language from the question and (potential) answers.
  2. I feel like we're behind on on/off-topic meta posts partly because users would just declare things as on/off-topic without creating a meta discussion.
  3. A lot of people independently created a "not about the Chinese language" close reason; it makes me feel strongly we should add this. (Although we have made exceptions, e.g. IME, so this needs to be acknowledged.)
  4. It seems we need to make sure close reasons are simple to understand, so people don't hesitate to use them.
  5. We should discuss alternative sites for "what does this say?" questions. If we can point users towards such sites, maybe we won't feel so bad about closing such questions.
  6. We should discuss if Chinese-to-English translation questions are on-topic. There was a lot of (inconsistent) close votes on these.
  7. We should discuss if "writing critique" questions are on-topic. There were some close votes on these. Some people declaring "we are not a proofreading service".
  8. Some users say "too long" is a reason to close. I don't understand why: nobody is obligated to answer it, they can just leave it for someone else (some users prefer challenging questions). I worry it would block more advanced questions.
  9. Some users say words to the effect of "it's off-topic because it's on-topic at another sites", but questions can be on-topic at multiple sites, so this logic has a hole.








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