Currently the tag has 35 questions. No tag wiki excerpt is available. The dictionary definition of "definition" (how meta...) is:

a statement of the exact meaning of a word, especially in a dictionary.

6 of these questions are also tagged (and incidentally all were asked by @Becky). In this case, it's clear enough that [definition] is related to a CC-CEDICT entry.

Among the remaining 29 questions not tagged [cc-cedict], it appears what most of them are asking is the meaning of some term. In those cases, the tag [definition] seems kinda overlapping with [meaning] / [meaning-in-context], or [difference], or possibly [translation].

Since there are 6 questions tagged only with , we can maybe examine those first:

It seems there are a few instances where the tag is actually useful and/or helps disambiguate the scope of the question. So synonyms and burnination might be unwarranted. Instead some careful retagging could be beneficial.

What do you think?


I proposed a tag synonym from [definition] to [meaning], please feel free to vote on that


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I think you're quite right:

definition a statement of the exact meaning of a word, especially in a dictionary.

That's a fairly strong argument for adding the synonym -> . Done and merged too. (30 July 2020)

It seems like we should also merge I've now merged into . As I think is broader (encompassing website questions), I don't think I'll create a synonym.

I went through them all, retagged a few, and I'd feel comfortable for all the tags to be changed to . (Although many should be retagged further.)

Indeed in all of these works fine.

PS. if you're interested, I clicked "view source" on the and pages and copy/pasted the result into temp.html, then I used the following command to generate the lists:

grep "<h3><a href=\"/questions/" temp.html | cut -d"/" -f3 | awk '{print "- https://chinese.stackexchange.com/q/" $1}'
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    proposed a tag synonym [definition] -> [meaning]
    – blackgreen
    Jul 22, 2020 at 9:29

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