I thought to blazon this warning.

I use 國語辭典 often but would not call it "authoritative." It contains a lot of mistakes. Be aware of this fact when consulting the dictionary. I might still keep the email in which I asked them to change "天涯笑此時" to "天涯哭此時". – joehua Sep 2 at 7:47

By the bye, I'm not targeting Taiwan's Ministry of Education or Taiwan. Don't hesitate to edit this post to blazon other faulty dictionaries.

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    This is anecdotal at best, I'm failing to see any sort of evidence that backs up the claim. – Mou某 Sep 5 '20 at 22:45

a dictionary has a mistake, or mistakes, is normal.

similar anecdotes in english dictionaries:

dord defined as a term in physics and chemistry meaning density


physics lecturer has spotted a 99 year old mistake in the oxford english dictionary


more in oxford english dictionary:


imo, no sensible man / woman would discredit the oed, after these errors :)

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