So, I'd be interested to hear your guys opinion on this. Often times I will write a question and get a great answer back - BUT I'm never entirely sure how native or "natural" the answer given is. I often look at people's accounts to see if they are native speakers when they answer questions - but it is not something that shows up.

Should we have people disclose their native language upon signing up?

  • I'd vote for it. Even on more mature sites like ELL, there are inaccurate answers provided by language learners and overlooked by moderators. Those are not common but every time I encounter one, I am confused and maybe frustrated. I've noticed similarly confusing answers on this site and I wasn't sure if it was the answer that's inaccurate or I am missing a perspective. The most helpful information to disambiguate that situation is the answer provider's language background.
    – NS.X.
    Aug 23, 2014 at 0:37

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It might work, but the idea of the Stack Exchange network is that you judge an answer based on the votes from other users and the reputation of the author.

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