How about some, simple, TeX support for CL@SE?

Even something such as support for ^n would suite very nicely for pinyin annotated with tones.

Here's something I was playing around with on another SE site:


We have no need for mathrm, at all, I just think it displays text nicely sometimes.

Support for superscripted numbers would be nice though.

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Superscripts can be achieved by the <sup> tag. Your example can be typesetted using simple HTML:

ni<sup>3</sup> hao<sup>3</sup>
da<sup>4</sup> ming<sup>2</sup>

which comes out like this:

ni3 hao3
da4 ming2

I don't see any reason to add TeX support to a language site like CL@SE. TeX is mostly about typing math symbols, and simple math symbols can be typed using HTML codes.

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