I tried posting a question about understanding a word from a passage in 《左传》 on the site today, but encountered the following problem with the title not meeting the "quality standards." The title was "‘五侯九伯,女实征之’(《齐桓公伐楚盟屈完》)之‘实’字何以训?" Screenshot:

enter image description here

I wonder why this is the case. To my best knowledge, my title "clearly summarizes the problem and uses proper grammar." I wonder what other quality standards are there that my title did not meet.

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Fang Jing, I assume it's a bug, as you properly tagged (if there is an algorithm to check Chinese grammar, it probably needs to be revised).

I copied the exact same caracters and that error didn't show up, I wonder if it's a hidden character or simply the encoding that caused it.

Try any of the following:

  • copy only 五侯九伯,女实征之’(《齐桓公伐楚盟屈完》)之‘实’字何以训?
  • add Zuo Chuan at the beginning or at the end, in case the subject is requiring some latin characters.
  • try to reduce the title until the error does not show up anymore, post the question and then try to edit it with the original title.


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