Are there limitations on how many edits a user can make within a certain time range, like 24 hours?

Also, is it possible not to pull questions with insignificant edits to the top on the main page? It is a bit annoying to see old questions "resurface" on the main page just because a user edits a few typos in the question description. It makes scanning for new questions and significant edits much harder.


Since I'm the user responsible for this and I've felt conflicted about it (and did some searching on editing policy), I'll offer what I know.

Firstly (to explain things to people who haven't seen my earlier post / read the edit summaries), I was trying to edit old questions that were, as far as I know, improperly tagged in tags where this appeared to be a long-running problem. After some point, I had a suspicion that I might simply not have understood tagging policy if the problem I saw was that pervasive, so I wrote a meta post to ask about it. But by that point, I'd already gone through the bulk of the edits I intended to make, and some pecularities of this site / my current privileges aggravate the problem.

Then I tried to look up policy on Meta.SE, and the most I found was were these (1, 2, 3), which aren't entirely relevant, particularly since the issues in the second case are related to non-synonymized tags and later this, which would have resolved the problem you're talking about). The first link suggested to me that it was some sort of unintentional side-effect feature, but not strongly enough that I would have been fine with doing the same thing again. (On the other hand, it would have been hard to keep track of which questions had to be fixed if I did it over a much longer period of time.) In any case, it seems as though the front page effect for "active questions" is unavoidable for now. That said, the hot tab seems to filter out more minor edits (such as the ones I made), largely probably because it discounts for the "age" of the post. Normally, this wouldn't be very useful -- new answers to sufficiently old questions also get filtered out, although they can sometimes be worth looking at -- but in a pinch (in a scenario like the one that came up), it could be useful.

I'm having trouble finding an edit limit (certainly the post to Meta.SO suggests there isn't one, but it may be outdated) although this Meta.SE post tells me that the rate to editing is limited. So technically there is a limit, but it's fairly high.

  • The problem is not really that you do edits and improve tagging, that's fine and useful. The problem is that these minor edits move old questions to top of the questions list on the main page and makes it very hard to find new and recent questions which undergo significant changes that require one's attention and tracking if one is really engaged in this site. – imrek Aug 8 '15 at 16:31
  • 1
    @DrunkenMaster: updated this -- "hot questions" might be useful here although it would mean missing some new "major" changes to posts. But either way, there should either be a better mass-editing mechanism (which some of the Meta.SE posts discuss) or suggested policy (with spacing out bulk edits). – user5714 Aug 8 '15 at 16:57

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