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What translation questions are on topic for this site?

There have been a number of borderline off-topic questions on this site in recent days. This is in part related to an increase in traffic to the site and is only going to increase as time goes on. I ...
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relaxing the rule of "asking for translations are off-topic"

referring to the blog post : Stack Overflow Isn’t Very Welcoming. It’s Time for That to Change. i would like to ask, is it possible to relax the rule of asking questions about the meaning of seal / ...
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Translating the FAQ into Chinese

Although this community is primarily composed of people who can speak both English and Chinese, I'd like to make it a bit user friendly to primarily Chinese speaking vistors, so they are not ...
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Policy refinement for questions related to translation

I notice that there is a lack of a clearly defined policy for closing questions pertaining to translation. From the FAQ of the Chinese SE site, this is the current status: Can I request a ...
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What is the purpose, mission, or goal of Chinese Language SE?

I am a fairly new user of this stack exchange (active for only 1 week) and wish to ask a few re-occurring questions. What is the purpose of this Stack Exchange? What is this SE used for? Is it to be ...
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Translation from dialects: off-topic?

Background: I started studying Chinese on my own about 2 years ago. My method was to learn enough grammar to translate and then translate many things. Due to lack of time, and also to make finding ...
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Asking questions about Chinese names

This is a reminder that asking questions about Chinese names is off topic for this site as per our FAQ. I'm bringing this up because we have had a large increase in traffic over the past 2 months and ...
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About software questions [Site FAQ]

Let's decide our policy about these questions. After this has been decided I'll add the result to the FAQ. The problem arose through the question Computer setup questions off topic. Please post your ...
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July 2020: survey of the on/off-topic posts on Chinese.SE meta

This is just a reference post: I went through the Chinese.SE meta posts about on/off-topic-ness, and summarized (what I feel are) the important points below. The mark [****] indicates items I feel we ...
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Are requests for resources on-topic?

It seems there is mixed guidance about this. Current situation On meta, it's possible to find a few, very old threads about this: Questions about resources for learning chinese FAQ: What is On topic ...
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Do English to Chinese translation questions belong on this site?

Lately there has been a few questions that have attracted close votes because they are Chinese speakers asking for the English equivalent of a Chinese phrase. In the early days of this site the ...
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What is this site for? Can I ask translations here?

I often have some Chinese sentences wanted to be translated precisely. Could I ask here? Thanks guys.
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