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9 votes
6 answers

Weekly chatroom discussions/talk session(s)

The chat room has been quite ronery these days. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in organizing a weekly discussions/talk sessions about things related to the Chinese language and ...
1 vote
1 answer

How can we get more people into the chat?

I'm fairly new to this site, having just started studying Chinese. I've been learning French the past 5 years, and French.SE has been an absolutely enormous help to me, beyond words. I've posted a ...
1 vote
1 answer

English chat room frozen is currently frozen. Can it be unfrozen please? I promise not to post any more questions about turtle excrement soup in chat!
2 votes
3 answers

How should we call our chat room?

Other sites have asked a similar question. I was thinking of simply writing 中文 but I thought it might be interesting to ask others about it. What name would you like for our chat room?
4 votes
0 answers

Voice Chat Suggestion

Krazer and I were dicussing in chat today the most important aspects of language learning. We both agreed that while chat/QA/learning characters is important, it's the ability to speak that will take ...