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New voting buttons: anyone else find it hard to see if they've voted?

I find the new voting buttons at Chinese.SE hard to see: At least compared to, say, Meta.SE: My eyesight is not that bad, but I really have to pay attention to be able to determine whether or not I'...
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What would you want the site's design to include (and not include)?

Chinese.SE has been around for over 10 years; back in 2019 it graduated from beta (along with 28 other sites). There's been a bit of a wait for site design, i.e., professionally designed banners, ...
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Update the Chinese.SE Twitter icon from “Cn” to 漢?

The Chinese.SE Twitter account still uses the old icon. Screenshot: Perhaps we can get this updated to 漢.
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Let's change the temporary logo from "Cn" to 漢?

Time to change "Cn" to 漢? The story so far... In Chinese Language temporary logo, droooze suggested we talk about replacing "Cn" with something more appropriate. People gave suggestions. I gathered ...
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Chinese Language temporary logo --- can we vote?

Update: The top candidate has now been implemented. See Let's change the temporary logo from "Cn" to 漢? In the post Chinese Language temporary logo the idea of a temporary Chinese.SE ...
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Chinese Language temporary logo

Following on from one of Catja's comments here: Congratulations, you're no longer in Beta! It's the same story as the other design elements... that said, if you have a unicode symbol, we could ...
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Logo Design for Chinese Language & Usage Site

Well established Stack Exchange sites, like Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User and Programmers all have their own logo, and I think this helps give them more of an 'identity'. Does anyone have ...
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Chinese Fonts not properly selected

I noticed that when the Chinese characters are shown in headlines and other places sometimes my browser (Firefox 8 on Windows 7) is mixing and matching fonts in order to fill in the right characters. ...
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