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Why am I blocked for posting question?

When I want to post a question, I faced this page. I went through deeper, I recommended that I should edit my previous questions by checking all of them and make them better. I was shocked. My ...
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Are all questions checked and/or edited by moderators or editor before being posted?

I experienced once that someone asked me to reconsider my question before posting. I don't know "who" did that because I have a logical question to ask after I am sure about his.
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Which topics should be redirected to other SE sites?

This post is about deciding which topics should be asked in Chinese Language SE. There are several colliding topics with other SE sites. These correspond to the following tags in the Chinese Language ...
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3 answers

What to do when an otherwise valid post contains political statements?

An answer to a recently edited question contains the following sentence (emphasis mine): In China (Beijing, Shenzhen , Shanghai ) we seems never say: 构建. Seems 构建,软体 only spoken in Taiwan province. ...
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Streamlining question closure: approximate roadmap

This is a rough outline of what I'd like to see in terms of closure reform. It will take time. It'll probably evolve with feedback as the process proceeds. Stage 1: collate available information. ...
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To suggest that Chinese SE questions be written solely in English

I want to discuss with you, that whether Chinese SE questions should be written in English. I now claim to reason that it is best to write in all-English, even for language learning sites --- ...
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2 answers

Policy on swear words

This is related to the policy on potentially NSFW questions, but I wanted to know the community's stance on this particular topic. I don't think we should ban questions about swearing, because it's ...
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2 answers

Can I Answer Questions by Chinese

In English Language Learner, people answer questions referring to English by English. Analogue to this, can I answer questions in the site by Chinese?
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What's the policy on potentially NSFW questions?

Let's say I wanted to ask a question about word X in Chinese, X being some potentially offensive term - I might be interested in the exact meaning of the term, the general context of its usage, etc. ...
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