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2 answers

Commonly requested character identifications!

Got a trinket that has one or two decorative Chinese characters on it? Can't figure out what it says? Before you click that big ol' Ask Question button, please check out some commonly requested ...
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2 answers

"What does this say" type question policy for seals and calligraphy

There's been a (coincidental?) influx of requests for seal translations recently. Soapstone Seal Translation Seal marks on a little pot (Characters identified: 吳祥君) What does this mark mean? (...
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2 votes
2 answers

Is asking to translate a short paragraph from English to Chinese on topic here?

I want to see if I'm allowed to ask such a question in the main site? Would you please translate the following paragraphs into Chinese? a proposal for creating a remote sensing and ...
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Many questions or one?

Imagine I have come across a long song in Hakka, and have trouble understanding it. I have been told that no distinction is made for dialects. So I come here and want to ask a question. The question ...
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Why did a group of our prominent users vote to close this translation question?

I just want to get an understanding because I can't spot the problem and I can't see any prior edits so it doesn't appear this question has been edited or changed “某些事实被别有用心的人断章取义和利用” in English? ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Questions that request beyond a simple translation

I came across a few questions where the asker understands the meaning of a Chinese idiom perfectly, but requested for a similar English idiom instead of just seeking for the translation. Example this ...
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5 votes
7 answers

Translating the FAQ into Chinese

Although this community is primarily composed of people who can speak both English and Chinese, I'd like to make it a bit user friendly to primarily Chinese speaking vistors, so they are not ...
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2 answers

Policy refinement for questions related to translation

I notice that there is a lack of a clearly defined policy for closing questions pertaining to translation. From the FAQ of the Chinese SE site, this is the current status: Can I request a ...
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