It's wrong to assume that Chinese SE is new compared with Japanese SE. The first question of Japanese SE was asked on May 31, 2011 and that of Chinese SE was on Dec. 13, 2011. Only about six-month difference. I wonder why you think all questions should be asked in English. How about those who can't speak English more fluently than Chinese? Let's say a ...


of course you can. we will answer you in chinese as well


I think we should allow both questions and answers in both English and Chinese. I know I wasn't here when the site was proposed so I'm not sure what the original idea was. But I was active on the early Spanish site and they wanted to cater both to Spanish learners via English and Spanish speakers who wanted to learn more about their language, much like on ...


Meta has a stricter rule of being in English, but the main sites can have both. And I think they should have both. If you personally don't like your answer in Chinese to be off-limits for non-Chinese speakers, then feel free to add a small translation below it. That would be very nice of you. However this doesn't mean that everybody should be forced to use ...


Corrections are okay. The only thing is questions: can't be open ended need focus You're better to ask a specific question about a certain type of sentence structure or a question on a certain topic rather than a "hey can you correct this for me"-type question.

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