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HostileFork says dont trust SE's user avatar
HostileFork says dont trust SE's user avatar
HostileFork says dont trust SE's user avatar
HostileFork says dont trust SE
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(I say "do not trust SE" because it seems to me like the institutional knowledge that volunteers contribute to is incredibly fragile. I feel a strong sense of fragility every time I break out the credit card and buy a domain name. And watching elected moderators fall by the wayside over arguments over put-your-pronouns-in-your-profile makes me wonder if it's an accident that stackoverflow overtook (ha ha, expert sex change, wait, was that a joke in the first place?). How can these petty human issues destroy our collective knowledge about programming? What's with the status war over gender pronouns? Not like I knew who Monica was before, but how the hell did Shog9 get fired? How did this happen? And it's kind of like seeing how weak the entirety of the world is by virtue of electing Trump, we are all way...way...too...hackable.)

Eh. Or, as I used to say: "Not actually "hostile", just a bit irate. :)"

(A "hostile fork"--as many developers know--refers to when open source efforts diverge due to different ideas about where the code should be taken. I started my site intending to get to the bottom of "why we all can't just get along" as a bit of an SEO/keyword hack. It worked...try googling "hostile fork".)

Until I figure out how to make everyone bring the best ideas to the table, I'm just blogging about software development. Long term I hope that people searching for "hostile fork x" will find my site and consider engagement instead of forking. Yet somehow it's easier to answer StackOverflow questions than make people get along. Who knew?

And yes I drew the fork. I'm an artiste as well as a programmer. :P

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