Masters student in Finance, have a B.Sc. in Mathematics, and a keen interest in Quantitative Finance.

Abstract algebra is something I never managed to understand.

List of things I want to learn (in the order of eagerness): C++, derivative pricing in practice, guitar, and how to improve the flavour of Australian red meat!

"It ain't what people don't know that gets em into trouble.
It's what they know for sure that just ain't so."

--- Mark Twain

Look inside yourself,
' yourself' is not what you will find--
it's not there, it has never been there and never will it be.

What you will see is a pile of coils,
shrieking and dancing faithfully to the frenzy Tango of LIFE,
which, is nothing more than an entanglement of billions of coils,
thick or thin, bright or rusted, strong or weak,
all soaked in the boundless ocean of time,
with neither beginning nor end.


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